About Us

Our Company

At Security Brands, we are passionate about designing, manufacturing, and selling the world’s most innovative and easy-to-use perimeter access control and security products. This goal unites our team day in and day out and is the hallmark of our customer-service-driven culture. We are firmly committed to delivering products with innovative features, compelling designs, flawless quality, impeccable reliability, and industry-leading usability.

We make a commitment to each of our customers, employees, partners, and shareholders to deliver only top-quality products.

Five guiding principles govern everything we do:

  • Put Quality First: We strive to design and produce the highest quality products.
  • Create Lifelong Customers: We take nothing for granted in our efforts to earn the confidence and loyalty of our customers. We always listen to make sure we meet our customers’ needs and that we are connecting on their terms. We strive to create passionate brand advocates for Security Brands, who will freely tell others about their experience with our products and quality of service.
  • Innovate: We challenge ourselves in everything we do to be the creative leaders in the security and access-control industries.
  • Deliver Long-Term Durability: We want our high-quality products to last; therefore, corner-cutting is not in our vocabulary.
  • Make a Positive Difference: We strive to make a difference in our world and in our workplace every day.

At Security Brands, we make history!

Our Team

We have a seasoned, professional leadership team who sets high standards for our company and leads the way by example. They ensure that our customers always receive the best perimeter access control and security products on the market packaged with the best customer service. Our success is a direct result of our outstanding employees and their commitment to excellence. We take great pride in our workmanship and our relationships with our customers.

Our team shares a passion for customers and a competitive spirit that drives us to excellence. And by partnering with our distributors and not simply selling to them, they become part of our team.

The Future

Every day we continue to transform our business while building a better mix of innovative security products for the future. We never stop refining, improving, innovating, and working for you, our valued customer.