Introducing ASCENT C1 —Cellular-Based Access Control System

Introducing ASCENT C1 —
Cellular-Based Access Control System

Ascent C1 is a cellular-based access control system providing control of up to two access points. It features three different methods of controlling its two relays: text and voice control from any cell phone and app control from any smartphone. Your phone is now your credential—no more sharing keypad codes or proximity cards. Ascent C1 works well with many popular types of gate operators, door openers, magnetic locks, and door strikes. The unit features a weather-resistant, durable NEMA 4 polycarbonate enclosure and is designed to be mounted anywhere, indoors and out.

Our user-friendly, cloud-based Summit Control platform makes administration so easy. Manage users, set permissions, create custom timers, receive notifications, view reports, and more. Employing 256-bit encryption, the same as financial institutions and global exchanges, the platform ensures all communication with the unit is completely secure. It is simple yet incredibly powerful, giving the device owner complete control with the click of a mouse or the tap of a finger.

Ascent C1 is cost-effective and a breeze to install, making both you and your customer happy. Only four wires are required (six if using both relays)—all other communication is wireless, using a cellular network. The supplied 12 VAC transformer is the simplest (and recommended) way to connect to power, but a 12–24 VDC source can also be used.

Ascent C1 is designed to perform and built to last!

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