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Model DAK-2S
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Our Advantage Intercom exterior, post-mount station will interface with almost any master intercom station available. This unit features a stainless-steel faceplate with black powder-coated steel enclosure for years of trouble free use. Simply push the call button to ring the interior station. We are also proud to offer the AiPhone line of interior master intercom stations, with both in-wall and desk models. Each interior station is equipped with a release button for quick opening of a gate or door.

The DAK-2S dual master adapter kit is designed for use with Aiphone’s C-123L and LEM series. The kit contains component modules to allow two master stations to answer a single door.


  • Contains component modules to allow two master stations to answer a single door
  • Additional kits may be used to add more than two masters to a system
  • There is no master-to-master communication, and only one master may be used at a time
  • Power supply is required for each master
  • Compatible with 2-station systems
  • C-123LW (for additional masters) (1 DAK-2S is included in C-123LW set)
  • C-ML/A (DAK-2S is included with unit) LEM-1, LEM-3 (1 per channel on LEM-3) LEM-1DL
  • Kit contains two component modules, one per master
  • Small enough to fit inside master station



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