“The Connection” – March 2013

“The Connection” – March 2013

Security Brands Inc. – A Diverse Company


Security Brands, Inc. is a diverse company with an eye on the needs of our industry. As one of this industries’s founding leaders in 1980, American Access Systems (AAS) successfully introduced its keypad with built in intercom and has been an industry leader for over 30 years.

As industry needs have changed, AAS has continued to evolve providing durable access keypads with different access code capacities for installations ranging from residential use to commercial use ranging from airports and other municipalities to the self storage industry, trucking companies, boat docks, campgrounds and all types of industrial applications.

Card access soon became the popular method of access control for many business applications and quickly migrated over to the vehicle access control industry. AAS aligned itself with companies like SecuraKey and HID using access methods like the insert mechanical reader for card access early on and touch plate readers for a more secure and precise read. In the 1990’s the proximity reader became the new method of card access and is still the preferred method of card access.

There  quickly became a need for business to have control of the employee access by use of the PC. A “controller” is installed connecting the card reader to the typical PC. The controller is where the information would be stored and the PC is the method for the site manager to enter the information. Card management, time zones, limited access cards and security system integration are some of the benefits of using a system like this.

Although intercom stations are still popular for both home and business, Telephone entry systems became a popular method of access for residential vehicle gate applications replacing the intercom system mainly because of convenience. The typical telephone entry system will ring all the telephones in the home rather than chime one strategically placed intercom station.

We provide two types: the typical “no phone line” PhoneLink is a popular choice and must be hard wired from the unit at the gate into the homes wiring from the phone company. The PhoneAire is an innovative method of communicating from the gate with the homes telephones in a wireless configuration gate to home. These methods do not create and extra phone bill. Once the system is installed it operates free of and additional monthly charges.

American Access Systems operated successfully for years with these products. Don Allen, the owner from the beginning retired in 2012 and Kevin Downing became President of the new Security Brands, Inc.

Included among these Brands are American Access Systems, Summit Access Control and Kodiak Black.

American Access Systems is going to continue to evolve as a company that is TAA and GSA compliant. It will continue to be a brand that is durable metal for extreme installations and will continue to advance in this manner.

Summit Access Control is a Brand that will provide accessory items and more cost competitive items as well as branch into new markets and industries.

Kodiak Black is our Brand or ornamental hardware and gates.

All of these Brands provide a quality product that is easy to use, install and program and focused on what it is that you the distributor, installer and consumer are demanding.

Thank you for continuing to make Security Brands, Inc Your “Partner” in Access Control.