Advantage DKS II Master Controller – Rain Tight

Model 24-1000RT
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The AdvantageDKS II controllers are available in three configurations: post mount, desk mount, and raintight enclosure. Post-mount models are housed in heavy powder-coated steel enclosures with stainless-steel faceplates and metal keypads, the desk-mount model cabinets (interior use only) are made of black powder-coated steel, and the raintight models are mounted inside standard raintight electrical enclosures.

Each AdvantageDKS II controller allows the user to randomly generate up to 1,000 five-digit codes and automatically enter them into memory. These codes can be printed out using an RS-232 serial-port printer. The controller will also report time, date, code number entered, relay activated, and valid/invalid code status.


  • Programmable five-digit codes: 1000-code capacity
  • Two slave keypad ports, 26-bit Wiegand (see RemotePro KP)
  • Programmable personal master code, latch code, and sleep code
  • Split relay function allows activation of two separate access points
  • Optional camera (intercom model only)
  • “3 strikes, you’re out” security
  • True anti-passback
  • 1000-code transaction buffer


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