Advantage Intercom 3-Call Master Station – Aiphone

Model LEF-3L
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The Advantage Intercom 3-Call Master Station with selective contacts is a compact 3-call master station with the ability to selectively release doors and control external devices. The unit can activate door strikes or mag locks, call up CCTV cameras, turn on lights, and control other devices that are triggered by a relay. The control corresponds to the station where communication is established.


  • Intermixable, any number of masters and remotes up to 4 total stations
  • Press-to-talk communication at initiating master, hands free at responding station
  • Selectively control external device from the master station in one of two ways with relay:
    • Momentary closure while “key” button is pressed
    • Maintained closure while station is selected
  • Desk or wall mount
  • Any “LE” series can be used
  • LS-NVP/A vandal proof, weatherized sub can be used
  • Common applications include offices, courthouses, hotels/motels, retail/convenience stores, and small secured facilities


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